The best method to getting free PlayStation Plus Memberships

playstation plus memershipWe didn’t think there would be a way to get a PlayStation Plus subscription for free until we tried it out for ourselves. PS Plus is needed to play any kind of online multiplayer. Most games being sold today are multiplayer. This is to help get all of their friends to play the game too. It’s way more fun when you’re gaming with your mates.

Sony has announced that they are going to increase the price of PS Plus subscriptions, this is never any good news. It’s already as costly as buying a brand new game and it will only last you a year. For some people, this is way too expensive so they’re stuck without having the ability to play online. This completely ruins the experience for some games that are multiplayer driven.

We’ve gotten reports from a few people claiming they were able to get free PlayStation Plus membership codes. We had to check this out for ourselves and find out if it is actually true. Upon visiting the site it asks you to download the app to a mobile device or computer. Unfortunately, you can’t do it directly through the PS4’s or other Sony gaming system’s internet browser. Which is fine because most people already have a computer, iPhone, or Android. Continue reading “The best method to getting free PlayStation Plus Memberships”